cacaoweb for your operating system

Here are the steps to follow to launch cacaoweb on your operating system. Once launched, cacaoweb will be automatically launched at your computer startup. To uninstall cacaoweb, see below.


– Download the file cacaoweb.exe
– double click on the file and accept every prompts that Windows shows you.


To launch cacaoweb from the command line:
– open a command line
– make the file executable with “chmod +x cacaoweb.linux”
– launch the executable with “./cacaoweb.linux”

It is planned to release a proper installer for Ubuntu


– Download the file cacaoweb.dmg
– Open it
– Move the cacaoweb application to your application folder
– Launch cacaoweb from your application folder

Note: On Mac 10.8, you have to right-click on the cacaoweb.dmg file and click open. Otherwise Mac will not allow you to open the file.


Other operating systems are not supported, including:

  • Apple iOS (iphone, ipad)
  • Windows mobile (windows phone)
  • Android

Uninstalling cacaoweb

Go to My cacaoweb and click on “Uninstall”.