Uploading files and videos

cacaoweb upload manager

The upload manager is located at http://user.cacaoweb.org.
You can use it to conveniently upload your files to the cacaoweb network.
There are other ways to upload file on cacaoweb network, for example by using the HTTP API here.

4 uploading methods

You can use the following methods to upload your files to the cacaoweb network:

HTTP upload to cacaoweb transcoding servers

The file is uploaded to cacaoweb transcoding servers. See below for more information.

FTP upload to cacaoweb transcoding servers

The file is uploaded to cacaoweb transcoding servers.

* If the file is a video

First Step:
The file is transcoded if needed.
For example, if the file is already in FLV format, it is not transcoded. Or if the video codec is already h264, the video is not transcoded. Similarly, if the audio is already AAC, the sound track is not transcoded.

Second Step:
The resulting file is uploaded on cacaoweb network. (using p2p upload)

* If the file is not a video
The file is not transcoded.
It is uploaded as it is to the cacaoweb network by the cacaoweb servers (using p2p upload).

It can take up to a few hours for a file to be fully available on cacaoweb network.

P2P direct upload

The file is uploaded from your machine directly to the cacaoweb network in a p2p fashion.
The file will be uploaded as it is.
If the file is a video, you should make sure that the video is in FLV format and compatible with Flash, otherwise cacaoweb users won’t be able to play it.

P2P upload can be a bit slower than uploading to cacaoweb transcoding servers.
You can follow the progress of the uploads either by loading the url: , or by browsing the current list of uploads in the interface at:

Remote upload

The “remote upload” method takes your file from another hosting provider and loads it to cacaoweb network.
No transcoding occurs, the file is loaded on cacaoweb network exactly as it is on the hosting provider.

For example, you can load a video hosted on Putlocker to the cacaoweb network.

Some properties of files stored on cacaoweb network

  • a file is never deleted. Once you have uploaded a file, it is stored on random machines connected to the internet and cannot be deleted anymore.
  • a file can be downloaded at high speed. Since cacaoweb uses a P2P technology, it can download files much faster than with a client-server technology. With the advent of fiber internet connections, the speed obtained by cacaoweb will continually increase over the next months and years.