startup parameters of a cacaoweb instance

Some arguments can be passed to cacaoweb at launch time:


to specify an ip address for cacaoweb to listen to. cacaoweb internal HTTP server listens by default on the loopback interface. If you need to access cacaoweb from another machine, you need to change this default behavior. For example, if your LAN ip address is, type:

./cacaoweb -ip

You can also type a public address.

Default: loopback interface (


same as -ip, but you need to specify the port. For example, you can type:

./cacaoweb -port 8080

Default: 4001


The directory where you want cacaoweb to put its application files to. For example, you can type:

./cacaoweb -appdirectory /var/files/mycacaowebfiles

Default: ~/.cacaoweb


To calculate the md5 of a file. For example, you can type:

./cacaoweb -md5 /var/files/myvideo.mp4