FAQ about cacaoweb

Which ports does cacaoweb use?

cacaoweb does not use any particular ports, it uses dynamic ports instead. You do not need to forward ports in your NAT to make cacaoweb work. cacaoweb will handle NAT traversal without the need for port forwarding.

Why is cacaoweb using my bandwidth even when i’m not using it?

cacaoweb is a p2p network. As such, all hosts with cacaoweb installed are required by the p2p algorithm to store and distribute data to other hosts of the network. This is what allows cacaoweb to work, if peers do not share a bit of space on their machine and their bandwidth, the cacaoweb network would not exist. When you see cacaoweb sending data, the recipients of this data are other hosts of the cacaoweb network, as you can witness with a network traffic tool. Since cacaoweb may sometimes use a lot of bandwidth (maxing out the connection capabilities is perfectly normal), we recommend users on data caps to turn off cacaoweb when they are not using it. To turn it off once you’re done, go to “My cacaoweb”, click “turn off”. However, note that even though cacaoweb can use a lot of bandwidth, this will not incur any lag (increase of ping) on the connection, thanks to cacaoweb adaptive intelligent algorithm.

How fast can cacaoweb download data?

Since cacaoweb work with a p2p network, the download speed depends on the upload speed of the hosts where the data is stored. As a general rules, files that have a lot of seeds will be downloaded faster. At the time of writing, cacaoweb is calibrated not to exceed 15MB/s of download speed, however, this is not written in stone. In some circumstances, cacaoweb may easily download above 100MB/s.

Can cacaoweb be dangerous for my machine?

No, cacaoweb is carefully developed and extensively tested in diverse environments. cacaoweb will use very little CPU and RAM, minimizing the impact on your system. It should not lead to overheating of your CPU and machine. cacaoweb is also guaranteed without any viruses (known or unknown, since we have full control over our compilation toolchain) or malware. It works in a sandboxed environment and may be launched from within sandboxes offered by security firms. Your machine is fully insured by our TOS with our company CACAOWEB LTD (registered in England and Wales), offering the utmost protection to your hardware and the integrity of your data.

Can i get viruses/malware when using cacaoweb?

In general, when you download a foreign file from an untrusted source, there is a risk that this file contains malicious code. This is of course also valid when you use cacaoweb to download and exchange files. It is good practice that before opening an file coming from an untrusted party, you should scan this file with an antivirus tool. We also recommend to use sandboxes to avoid compromising the whole user account whenever you open a potentially  infected file.

Does cacaoweb have download limitations?

Yes, although we try to offer cacaoweb free to every user as much as we can, some features are limited and only available for the holders of “VIP” accounts (that you have to purchase). Most of it can be used free of charge, within reason.